$736.00 ea

Gate Cutter, Heated, 45 Degree Blade Angle, 8-1/4" Long, 40 Watt (20 Watt Each Heater), Includes Insulating Foam Handle Covers, Controller and Cutter Stand.

  • Handles: Insulated Against Heat
  • Handles: Coil Spring
  • Material: Blanchard Ground Forged Steel
  • Material Blade: Heat Treated O1 Steel
  • Weight: 14 oz
  • Blade Hardness: RCc 58-60
  • Blades: Ground Edge Made in Matched Pairs
  • Heaters: Mounted Inside Blades
  • Blades: Removable
  • Temp Control: Avoids Overheating
  • Temp Control: Holds Blades Steady Temp
  • Gently Cuts Part Without Stress to Part
  • Maintains Appearance of Part
  • Best Cutter in the Industry
  • Made in the USA
  • Option: Straight Blade Cutter P#109470
  • Option: Blade Resharpening
  • Option: Replacement Parts Available