• Item# 121352
    Goulds Seal Repair Kit for All SS Pumps, Models 1ST, 2ST, & 3ST, 1MS, 2MS, and 3MS. Pump Must have (4) in the Part Number Example:1ST2C1A(4)F For all Horse Power Pumps - 1/2Hp to 5Hp
    Catalog Page 735
    $130.94 ea
  • Item# 106131
    Seal Kit, Burks Water Pump, Viton (R), Burks # 09762-1. Fits Burks Models 7GA, 7GA5, 37G5, 37GA5, & GNA 1-1/4 Used on IMS HV65, Midget, Model 1, and Old WS45 and Old Econ with Burks Pump.
    $111.80 ea
  • Item# 106277
    Mechanical Seal Kit, for GNA5 1-1/4 MJ Burks Pump for 8 HH & Model 6 Cir, Includes Mechanical Seal and Seat (Viton(R))
  • Item# 141791
    Case Gasket, O-ring Gasket, EPT Material for GNA5-1.25-MJ Burks Pumps, 4.97" Impeller Trim. Pump used in Model 8 Circulator