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July 3, 2018
IMS Feeds the Demand for FDA-Compliant Low-residue Mold Release with Dry-21

January 31, 2017
IMS Makes Positive Impact in Mold Cleaning with NEW More Powerful LOW VOC Aerosols.

November 21, 2016
IMS Company launches the IMS Select® Hoist Ring Rack™.

July 12, 2016
IMS Company Introduces Dependable Economy Bronze Sprue Puller Tools for Any Manufacturing Shop or Maintenance Technician

July 12, 2016
World-Renowned Autosol® Metal Care Products Now Available Through IMS Company

May 10, 2016
IMS Streamlines Hot Runner Mold and Cable Troubleshooting with the New MoldXChecker™ and CableXChecker™

September 15, 2015
IMS Company Rolls Out the Industrial Molding ResQ Cart for Plastic Processors

April 29, 2015
IMS Company Delivers a New Option for Plastic Molding Maintenance: The IMS Screw Handler

About IMS® Company

IMS® Company, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, has provided quality products to the plastic processing industry since 1949. The company specializes in innovative solutions for all types of plastics processing problems. In addition to providing quality molding accessories, equipment, and refurbishing services, IMS® offers a toll-free hotline for engineering and technical support.