IMS Tech Tips, Product Overviews
and other Services (PDF)

Aerosol Mold Cleaner & Rust Preventive Selection Guide
Aerosol Mold Release Selection Guide
Air-Powered Gate Cutter Reconditioning Service
Air-Powered Gate Cutters and Accessories
Air-Powered Gate Cutters Frequently Asked Questions
Calculating Barrel Heat Loss
Calculating Heat Load for a Circuit
Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius/Celsius to Fahrenheit
Converting Fractional Inches to Decimals and Millimeters
Custom Designed Feed Screws
Custom-Made Gate Cutters
Date Code Inserts
Eliminate Static and Dust! (COBRA™ Static-Neutralizing Air Gun
Eliminate Static and Dust! (Silencer Static-Eliminating Air Gun
Essential Barrel Information
FC Forged, Closed-Toe Mold Clamps
Featured Products
Fluid Circulating Process Temperature Controllers
FO Forged, Open-Toe Mold Clamps
Gas Assist Nozzles and Accessories
Granulator Catchpans and Metal Trap™ Magnets
Heater Band Wiring
Heater Bands
High Speed Hurricane™ Mixers
Hot Runner Testing System
How To Order Temperature Controllers
How to select the right gate cutter for your job
Hydraulic Hose - Made To Order
IMS Barrel Repair Service
IMS Engineering & Machining Services
IMS EVOLVE™ The evolution of the ball valve
IMS Exclusive Flite-Less® Screws
IMS Exclusive SPIRAL™ System
IMS Front End Cap Repair Service
IMS Gate Cutter Repair Service
IMS Gate Cutter Selection
IMS Hopper Magnet Specifications
IMS OEM Replacement Front End Caps
IMS Screw Repair Service
IMS Screw Tip BRODY-ring®
IMS Select Line™ Conveyors
IMS Stainless Steel Feed Hoppers
IMS Thermally-Compensated Screws
Injection Machine Nozzles
Injection Mold Water Flow Regulators
Injection Molding Nozzle Tips
Instructions for IMS BRODY-ring®
Lockouts, Switch Guards & IEC Circuit Breakers
Manifold Styles
Material Loaders
Material Mixing Drum Tumblers
Mold Release Products
Molding Safety Checklist
OEM Replacement Barrels
OEM Replacement Screws
OHAUS® Scales Selection
Part Diverting Systems
Pipe Thread Data
Process Trouble-Shooting Guidelines
Quick Change Fittings & Thread Profile Sizing
Quick Mold Change
Reduce the Risk of CTDs with Air-Powered Gate Cutters
Screw Material Guidelines
Screw Tip Wear Issues
Should You Connect Heaters in a SERIES CIRCUIT
Sizing a Chiller for Injection Molding
Sizing a Granulator
Strip Heaters
Thread Profiles
Tie Bar Sleeves
Type J and K Thermocouples
Variations of Ohm’s Law
Voltage Controllers
West Temperature Controllers
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