• Item# 158490
    High Limit Controller, Temperature Control 48X48mm, Din, Relay, 32-752 F, 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. Used On HH16 Inside Control Panel.
    $70.41 ea
  • Item# 135788
    Cooling Solenoid Valve, 3/4" NPT, Complete With 120 Volt Coil, Used In Model HH16 Hot Oil Circulators. For 120 Volt Coil Only, See IMS Item #141732
    $294.40 ea
  • Item# 134845
    Replacement Gasket For Heater Element On Model HH16 High Heat Oil Circulator
    $25.00 ea
  • Item# 148458
    Flange Gasket (Front) For Use In Heat Exchanger (IMS #148244) From IMS Oil Circulator, Model Hh16. Aka - End Cap Gasket
    Catalog Page 583
  • Item# 134848
    Complete Pump Seal Rebuild Kit For Model HTO-80 Pump From IMS High Heat Oil Type Mold Temperature Controller/Circulator Model HH16.
    $1,370.00 ea
  • Item# 148636
    High Limit Sensor for IMS Hot Oil Circulator Model HH16, 550 Degree Set Point, 3/8" NPT with 30" Leads.