Press Release

July 12, 2016

IMS Company Introduces Dependable Economy Bronze Sprue Puller Tools for Any Manufacturing Shop or Maintenance Technician

IMS Company supplements its already impressive handheld tool collection with the addition of Economy Bronze Sprue Puller Tools. This line is not limited to sprue pulling. In fact, all workers can benefit from these indispensable tools. Easily maintain molds, offer employees versatile tool options, and diminish operating expenses with this comprehensive Sprue Puller Kit.

IMS Company introduces Economy Bronze Sprue Puller Tools; a ten-piece tool set no molding facility should go without. The kit's impressive array of time and money saving hand tools enables workers to operate with their preferred tool size and type. These durable, economical solutions for molders seamlessly align with IMS Company's mission to provide excellent products at affordable prices. Their innovative bronze designs keep the tools rigid and prevent sloppiness and joint weakening as they wear; two major problems of inferior brass designs.

Seven different tools in the line give workers flexibility at their workplace. Every tool has a natural contoured grip and a subtle anti-slip texture on their handles to increase comfort and maneuverability for users. Two sizes, 6" and 8", of the Bronze Non-adjustable Plier, the Bronze Adjustable Plier, and the Bronze Side Cutter cater to the needs of both men and women.

These Economy Bronze Sprue Puller Tools allow safety to remain at the forefront of operational procedures, because bronze eliminates the threat of sparking in areas of the shop where ignition hazards may be present. The kit's functional, rigid components and bronze design help workers improve their accuracy as well as reduce the chances of scratches and nicks during mold adjustments or sprue and part pulling.

This ten-piece set includes the three 6" and 8" tools aforementioned, an 8" Bronze Needle Nose Plier, an 8" Bronze Needle Nose 45° Plier, a 9" Bronze Pincer Plier, and a 10" Bronze Tongue and Grove Plier. All the tools have a 24 HRC (Rockwell C) rating, and are confidently backed by IMS Company‚Äôs ninety-day guarantee. IMS knows an entire kit is most beneficial, so buyers save a total of fifty dollars purchasing the whole set.

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