Press Release

May 10, 2016

IMS Streamlines Hot Runner Mold and Cable Troubleshooting with the New MoldXChecker™ and CableXChecker™

IMS introduces the MoldXChecker™ and CableXChecker™ to its catalog of solutions for the plastics processing industry. Designed to significantly reduce time and remove guesswork for troubleshooting molds and cables on a hot runner system, these Checkers quickly and easily detect and direct engineers to the problem source.

IMS Company delivers new time and labor saving diagnostic tools for plastic processors using hot runner systems with the IMS MoldXChecker™ and CableXChecker™ developed by Fast Heat ® . Saving manufacturers precious time from having to take apart a mold to diagnose an issue or manually check each connection on a cable with a multimeter; these Checkers are the smart and efficient way to check the health of hot runner heater and thermocouple cables as well as hot runner molds and manifolds.

The IMS patent pending Checkers can quickly and effortlessly identify locations of miss wirings, continuity problems, and damaged pins or sockets. Additionally, troublesome, and tricky to detect, electrical shorts are quickly identified, reducing dangerous conditions.

The IMS MoldXChecker™ is especially useful for on-site time savings to quickly narrow down and identify the manifold's zone where a problem is located instead of wasting countless hours guessing and hunting. By simply connecting the IMS MoldXChecker™ to a hot runner system, processors can spot check hot runner systems before installation and after removal for storage; preventing unscheduled down time. Hot runner manifolds can also be tested safely before adding power to them, reducing potentially hazardous consequences.

While the IMS MoldXChecker™ ensures your mold is working properly; often times the problem is simply found in the cable. Before throwing a cable away or allocating too many precious man-hours running through each connection with a continuity multimeter, the IMS CableXChecker™ enables technicians to simplify this process. Once connected to the unit, cables can be painlessly checked for continuity, shorts, and even incorrect wiring with the quick turn of the dial. Pushed-in pins, unseated sockets, damaged pin crimps, and severed wires are commonly difficult to detect with a standard multimeter; however, the CableXChecker™ rapidly identifies the location that needs examination.

The IMS CableXChecker™ and MoldXChecker™ saves processors time and labor by reducing unnecessary work and increased production uptime. Using the MoldXChecker™ rather than having to take apart a mold to begin the troubleshooting process of a wiring issue not only decreases process downtime, but also checks to ensure there are no other wiring errors. Additionally, the routine method of using a multimeter to test a standard 24-pin cable requires a 576 point-to-point process to properly diagnose a cable problem. Using the CableXChecker™, a technician can check the same cable in less than a minute while giving more information as to the problem with the cable.

Simply factoring time and labor savings alone exemplifies the need for any plastic molder with a hot runner system to have a set of these on hand. And since the CableXChecker™ and MoldXChecker's™ are built for industrial use, they are designed to be durable, completely portable, and require no external power source - runs off of 9V batteries (included) and safe to test equipment for shorts.

All CableXChecker™ and MoldXChecker™ are stocked with popular hot runner connectors and can be built to order with other brands and styles of connectors by providing IMS with basic information. Additionally, both Checkers come with the IMS standard two year warranty.

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