Press Release

November 21, 2016

IMS Company launches the IMS Select® Hoist Ring Rack™.

Systematically Organize, Store and Keep Readily Available, Hoist Rings, Eyebolts, Lifting Slings, Tools and More!

Chagrin Falls, Ohio... Based off our customer’s needs, IMS Company has designed and developed the new IMS Select® Hoist Ring Rack ™. Adding to their already existing line of quality products designed especially for the plastics industry. The heavy-duty metal constructed, double-sided rack will enable shops to easily organize and quickly access various sizes of hoist rings, eyebolts, lifting slings, mold clamps and other rigging supplies.

The Hoist Ring Rack™ features an array of different durable bar sizes in varying lengths and thicknesses, spaced conveniently apart to accommodate a large assortment of products for quick access. Its’ lower reinforced metal mesh tray, accessible from the front and back, offers a convenient area to place commonly used tools such as hammers, die bars, loose bolts, small tool boxes, and much more.

The IMS Select® Hoist Ring Rack™ offers an open access design as well as mobility within the shop that can support up to 975 lbs. Equipped with rubber gripped push handles and rugged 5” swivel/locking casters, the Hoist Ring Rack™ makes it easy to guide it in tight spots while ensuring safe and secure transportation of your products to and from work area to work area. When not in use around the shop, roll it into your tool and die area and simply lock all four casters. It now becomes a compact storage rack.

IMS knows an organized and efficient shop saves on labor, reduces downtime and makes you more profitable. Just another way IMS has been helping molders since 1949!

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