• Item# 169979
    Sight Glass Assembly Complete - 5-7/8" OAL,
    $98.00 ea
  • Item# 141650
    Solid State Expanded Control Board for TrueTon AC/WC Chillers with Single or Dual Compressor. Includes Both Discharge and Return Temperature Display in Fahrenheit.
    $1,520.00 ea
  • Item# 164750-R
    Control Board for All IMS Hydra "EQ" Series and "SQ" Series Chillers. This is a $250. Trade In Program. Trade In Must First Be Accepted as a Qualifying Board Version and Without Physical Damage.
  • Item# 128024
    Solid State Compact Control Board for TrueTon AC/WC Chillers with Single Compressor. Includes Single Readout/Display, Low Level Indicator, Individual Compressor, & Pump Toggle Switch. No Alarm. Face Measures 5-1/2" x 6-1/2".
    $709.70 ea
  • Item# 148810
    Optional 80 PSI Pump at 10 Gallons Per Minute.
    $875.55 ea
  • Item# 127719
    Evaporator Coil (All Copper) for IMS Chiller Models 400, 500 AC/WC, 600 AC & 1000 AC/WC.
  • Item# 148807
    Anti-Backflow Kit for IMS MasterChill, 2 Ton Chiller Option Includes Solenoid Valve and Check Valve Installed.
    $708.60 ea
  • Item# 158421
    Optional Low Water Level Light Installed On IMS Hydra Series Chillers
  • Item# 148808
    Inlet Water Filter, 50 Micron, Optional on IMS MasterChill, 2 Ton Chiller
    $207.80 ea
  • Item# 157705
    Line Strainer, Nylon, 1/2" NPT with Clear Polyamide Bowl. 80 Mesh SS Screen and Buna-N Gaskets. Used in IMS Micro Max Chillers.
    $77.80 ea